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Ke Kani Nahe

Ke Kani Nahe is a traditional Hawaiian music band that had its beginnings as a result of many kanikapila sessions with friends and family.

While playing at the various kanikapila gatherings they noticed that their individual playing styles meshed well with each other and the more they played together, the more it became apparent they all shared the same love for traditional Hawaiian music.

So after some talking, they decided to get together formally and Ke Kani Nahe was born.

Ke Kani Nahe’s music comes from the heart and they hope to share the beauty of traditional Hawaiian music with whoever will listen. Whether it’s for friends and family or seniors at a local retirement home, they just love to jam.

Ke Kani Nahe is:

Derek Higa - 12 String Guitar
Samson Sang - Ukulele
Jesse Gregorio - Bass

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