Ke Kani Nahe
 Individually we come from different facets of Hawaiian music. Derek comes from a hula       background. As a former dancer and musician with a hula halau, Derek brings to the group   music based on hula stylings and good ole chalangalang playing with a little bit of falsetto   thrown in the mix.
Sam is the ukulele player of the group but is equally talented on bass when needed. Sam grew up listening to and learning traditional Hawaiian music from his father. But for the last 10 years he strayed from his roots and mainly played reggae/contemporary music with various groups. He recently has come full circle and back to his roots where he is once again enjoying traditional Hawaiian music.
Jesse Gregorio is Ke Kani Nahe's newest member and holds down the bass for the group. Jesse has played with numerous musicians over the years including Ramon Camarillo, Aunty Lei Aken and most notably can be found playing at Honey's as the current bass player for Leward Kaapana.
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